20’s Style

I love a party; any excuse to dress up and get together with friends and have a good time! This weekend we celebrated the 21st birthday of a beautiful friend, whose style and flair are endless. The theme of her party, 1920’s Great Gatsby!

It was a chance to get the fringe and feathers out, and boy, did we! We ate, danced and partied. We were greeted at the door with beautiful cocktails, my favourite was the elderflower, gin and mint. Tasty! There was a photo booth which was so much fun, we had a blast taking photos; memory making is so special!
I wore a black flapper dress with black heels and a traditional headpiece. I loved dancing in it, twisting and shaking my hips made the fringe fan out; looking and feeling amazing!

Such a good night with fab friends!

Love Em xx

My sister and I in our dresses #20sstyle

Hello my name is …

HELLO my name is Emma, welcome to my world! I hope you find it a world of love, creativity and maybe some adventures.

I am a 20 something year old, living in the English countryside. I spend my time loving life and creating memories.  I have a particular love of all things vintage, pretty and handmade; as well as loving food (especially baking), home decor, Catholiocism and learning new skills.

Creativity is my game and embroidery is my thing but I also love all kinds of crafts.  I am a Catholic who travels all over the country (and occasionally Europe), attending various events and having a good time with friends along the way.
I have dreams of leaving a positive mark on the world and I have a bucket list which is full of all sorts.  I hope to use my blog as a way of documenting and creating memories as I journey though life. You’re welcome to come on in and join me.
Em x