Exciting News & New Adventures

So why have you started a blog?? That’s the question everyone is asking me at the moment. I have tried so many times in my life to write a diary, keep a journal or even write a blog but for one reason or another I never keep it up. So what makes me think that I will manage it this time? My answer is memories.

I have the chance of a lifetime to tick off the No. 1 on my bucket list. VISIT AUSTRALIA!

So I am taking this chance do make my dream come true. Work have amazingly given me the time off, the savings are piling up and I am counting down the days. This blog will be my record of this life long dream, I hope to use this as a way of looking back on memories. I want it to also to be a way of showing my family and friends at home the adventures I have.

So the plan. My sister is already out in Australia and I plan to join her in December. I’ll be joining her and 3 friends, who are currently working out in Melbourne, Victoria on a working visa. Once the working requirement of their visa is done we are off to see the beautiful east coast.

This is going to be amazing trip and I can’t wait for it to begin!!


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