The Hills are Alive!

While in Sydney my sister and I took a day trip to the Blue Mountains. We took the train to Katoomba, a cute and busy town. You could take one of the guided tours or the hop-on-hop-off bus to see all the sights but we chose not to do that. We chose to stay in a main part of the Blue Mountains.

A 30 minute walk brought us to Echo Point Lookout, from there we could see the Three Sisters a beautiful view and something you have to see to fully appreciate it.

A short walk led us to the Three Sisters and a steep set of stairs took us to the Honeymoon Bridge giving you a beautiful view of the surrounding area and a close encounter with one of the Three Sisters.

The views from both the Lookout and the Honeymoon Bridge were awesome and breathtaking. The landscape was so green and stretched for miles and miles.

After seeing the Three Sisters we ventured over to Scenic World, but rather than go via the main road we chose the Prince Henry cliff walk. The route took us along the edge of the cliff offering spectacular opportunities for beautiful photos. It was a 1.2km walk and with the heat of the day it was quite a long and tiring walk but the views definitely made up for it.

At the end of the walk was Scenic World, a great opportunity to experience the rainforest from the ground. We took the scenic railway to the rainforest, the train is the steepest train in the world! You are sat at a 52 degree angle as you descend the cliff into the rainforest. Only a 5 minute ride but a fun 5 minutes; check out the video below.

We took a gentle walk around the rainforest. It was such a peaceful and beautiful place and being amongst the trees was amazing.

Some trees grew through the board walk making the pathway fell natural and so it doesn’t disturb the rainforest much.

There was so much to see and it was such a beautiful place. It is a place that if you go a second time you would see things you hadn’t seen before.

A smooth cable car ride took us back up to the top of the cliff. Again the views going up were spectacular and so many shades of green!!!

We finished the day with the Skyway, a swift cable car ride over the rainforest. You could either go one way or take a return journey. Taking the return journey allowed us to see the panoramic views of the Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley; on the way back we stood on the glass deck and managed to see the tree tops from a completely different angle.


The Blue Mountain and Three Sisters was an amazing piece of nature that you can experience from all angles!! I would definitely recommend going to see this natural beauty. It’s one of a kind.


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