Hello 2017!

For me welcoming the new year is always a chilled occasion with friends and family. This year was no different, we celebrated with friends however we were on the beach!!!

Mid afternoon we made our way to Dee Why beach with a picnic and a few beverages. We lay out in the sand and chatted; this then turned into a handstand competition which then became a wrestle between 2 friends. One friend picked up the other in the end and went down to the water and fully dunked her!! 💦

Later on in the evening we met up with the family friends we spent Christmas Day with. They had made camp on a grassy verge just off the beach, again we just chatted and had a few drinks. 🍹 At 9pm there were fireworks, they were let off from a boat out at sea. I love fireworks all the colours and how they light up the sky.

We then went back to a friends house to chill, drink some more and also to watch the new year come in. At midnight the TV was on and we watched the Sydney Harbour Bridge light up. However we had the added bonus of seeing the fireworks along the Sydney River. They were spectacular but you didn’t know where to look; outside at the river or the TV and the bridge but wherever you looked they were amazing.

The whole day was amazing and relaxed. It was a perfect way to bring in 2017, the adventures and fun that’s coming too!!


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