Port Douglas

So we have now left Sydney after an unforgettable Christmas and New Year. After a short flight and drive we arrived in Port Douglas, the start of our east coast adventure. Port Douglas is a cute little town that has not yet been massive hit by the tourism industry it still has, in my opinion, that cute-little-town feel.

We were collected from Cairns airport by our hostel’s shuttle bus. The drive along the coast and gives you stunning views of the beaches, the coast line and, of course, the rainforest. Our driver took us on a little tour of Port Douglas to help us get our bearings.  We stopped at  Flagstaff Hill, a view point at the top of a really big hill, giving amazing first views of the rainforest as it meets the coastline and the gorgeous Four Mile Beach. The sky was a beautiful blue and contrasted with lush green forest surrounding it.

Moving from our comfortable house in Sydney to a Port Douglas hostel was a little daunting. I was a little worried, de to stories from friends, about the basic and sometimes uncomfortable shared accommodation of some hostels, but our hostel “Dougies” was so nice. With an open kitchen/dinning/hangout area/bar, it was fabulously clean with good facilities and good cooking and food storage. The hostel was very cool with wooden walkways between the different accommodation areas and lovely verandas. Most of the main accommodation was open, making it feel very tropical!

We shared a 4-bed dorm and the couple we shared with were lovely.  Our room was basic with 2 sets of bunk beds and a set of cupboards for each person which was ample space for the four of us sharing.

Our first evening we took a short walk to Four Mile Beach and I, within minutes of stepping onto it, absolutely loved it;  soft sand and warm water = perfection! With no sunscreen, we only spent about 10 minutes on the beach before returning to the hostel via the shop for our evening provisions. On our way back, we were caught in a tremendous downpour getting completely stacked with warm but very wet rain!
After this we realised that because we were visiting in the “rainy season”, it  was normal for the morphs to be clear and sunny and the afternoons and evenings for it to rain, possibly heavily.  So this focused our daily intineries As we had to use the mornings for our sightseeing and activities, knowing that the afternoons could be very wet and we didn’t want to get everyday! But of course, best laid plans don’t always work and that was what happened and we got wet most afternoons!  However, it meant we used the our evenings to just chill and plan for the next day and, of course, blog!

Day 2 in Port Douglas we hit the 4 miles of sandy beach again; this time early and with the sunscreen; and it was the perfect beach! Being North Queensland swimming is restricted, so we swam in the small netted off area, which is safe from deadly jellyfish and other unmentionables! It was a beautiful place to swim and to soak up the warm sunshine. Small fish (which somehow made it through the net!) swam around our legs. It was also to walk along the sea shore, allowing the gentle waves to lap at our feet.  The water was so warm! I’m sometimes a little hesitant when water is cold, so this was just perfect!

For our final day in Port Douglas, we hired a car with another couple and road tripped up through the Daintree Rainforest to Cape Tribulation. But that’s a story for another day 😉


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