Day in the Daintree

One of the things I love about Australia is the variety of places/ environments there are. You have cities, beaches, out back, forests, mountains and rainforests. I hope that over the next couple of months we get to see these amazing landscapes.

While in Port Douglas we checked of one of those landscapes, Rainforests.

We had been looking at different tours in the area and they all looked amazing but as we are travelling and only at the beginning of our adventure we wanted to costs down. While speaking with the couple we were sharing a room with they mentioned renting a car for the day and doing the trip themselves and they invited us along. This seemed a great idea, the car hire was very reasonable and although we still had other expenses between 4 of us it was much more reasonable and affordable that the tours.

Let me take you through the day.

It was an early start as we wanted to do as much of the trip without the rain. When we got to the car hire place there was a bit of a faff with deposits and things so we left about 9ish.

Our first stop of the day was Mossman Gorge. As gentle gorge surrounded by beautiful greenery. The was also a suspension bridge that you could cross to see the gorge from a different viewpoint.

We drove on about 30 minutes to the Daintree River and the ferry crossing. The River was so still it was a very smooth and easy crossing.

Our first stop was the Daintree Ice Cream Company. They made fresh ice cream from exotic fruits. For about $6 you could try the days collection of flavours, we had coconut, passion fruit, wattleseed and black sapote. My favourite was the passion fruit flavour, it was sweet, juicy and tasted like it was eating fresh passion fruit. Just mouth watering!! It was a nice and refreshing stop after being in the car for a while. A chance to stretch your legs and enjoy the sun.

Being in the car, driving at your own pace, you get to see so much of the beautiful Rainforest. However, you do get a much better view/feel of the rainforest by walking round it, experiencing the sights, smells, sounds and the heat is definitely the way to explore the Rainforest. We found Marrdja Boardwalk, a 30 minute circuit that you could wander. During the walk we saw a number of spiders and a couple of crabs 🦀 too. The circuit led you to a viewpoint at Noah Beach, a peaceful spot to take a moment.

One of our friends had been told about a beautiful swimming hole that was a local secret. It was naturally formed and definitely a spot to visit. This was something that we didn’t want to miss, which we nearly did the shop was tucked behind a large tree. I am so glad we didn’t though as the swimming hole was indescribable and my photos to not portray the beautiful of this hidden gem. The water was a beautiful temperature to cool off and trees towering over the swimming hole provider a natural shade from the mid day sun. There was a large vine that hung from a branch that formed the perfect swing. It was the perfect picture for me and my sister.

This sport was truly magical and the sort of spot I have dreamed about visiting. I hope that I will get the chance to visit many more magical places like this.

The most northern spot on our trip was Cape Tribulation Beach and lookout. This Beach was like Bay taken from a photograph, an empty Beach, soft sand, beautiful water and green Rainforest as far as the eye could see. A short walk through the trees took you to the edge of the Bay and to the look out giving you an amazing view of the Beach, the Rainforest and the sea. Just beautiful!

We then began the beautiful journey back to Port Douglas. It was lovely to just drive and watch the trees and the glimpses of the coastline pass up by. Just before we reached the river ferry we stopped off at Alexander lookout, something we had missed on the way up.  You had an amazing view of the Rainforest as it met the sea, of the Daintree river and if you looked closely you could see Port Douglas. A great way to end the day!

I am glad that we didn’t go with a tour group, although there is nothing wrong with the tours, we got to travel at our own pace, stop where we wanted and see some of the spots that the tours would not visit. I also feel that while we were exploring we were experiencing the peace, tranquility and the stillness of the rainforest something that I don’t think we would have had if we were travelling in a larger group.

If you every plan to visit North Queensland the Daintree Rainforest is definitely a must see. I would recommend hiring a car and exploring yourself as it is cheaper and you can travel at your own pace and see some truly magical places that the tours do not go. The Daintree Rainforest will be a highlight of my Australian adventure that I look back on with a smile 😃


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