Under the Sea

One of the big trips I wanted to do while in Australia was the Great Barrier Reef. From the photos I’ve seen I have always known that the amazing sea life and the incredible colours was something I greatly wanted to see.  So I was very excited when we booked our trip to the Reef and couldn’t wait to see what’s under the sea 🌊

The company we went with, Deep Sea Divers Den, were amazing.  The crew were great,  helpful, funny and knowledgeable; they also knew where all the different sea life would be and I know without them I wouldn’t have seen the animals I did.

We were greeted by the crew, singed in and were given tea and coffee to start the day.  Once we had left the harbour we had a quick safety briefing and a how to snorkel, tips and tricks briefing.

Our first snorkelling site was Norman Reef. I was a little nervous going in for the first time, we were out in the middle of the sea with nothing but water as far as the eye could see.  However, once I was in the water the nerves evaporated and I got my first taste of being under the sea. It was amazing!! The sea life was so colourful, vibrant and in abundance. I could not believe the amount of different kinds of fish there were. I saw Nemo and a shark, on my first dive! I never thought I would have seen so much on my first snorkel.

We snorkelled for about an hour, afterwards we came back to the boat for a delicious buffet lunch of salads, fruit and cold meats. While we ate we moved onto our second location, Hastings Reef.

This dive site was on the outer Reef, which is said to be more beautiful and less touched as not as many diving companies can go there.  It did not disappoint, the sea life was increadable! We saw 2 sea turtles!! 🐢 One of the turtles came really close, our snorkelling guide took a jellyfish to the turtle, it ate the jellyfish and then came to the surface for air. We were so close and got some great photos too.  However, that wasn’t the end of our sea life show, I got to also see a shark, it was from a distance but I wasn’t about to get too close; I also saw a stingray, this was one of the only stingrays seen that day. It was truly special!

At the second dive site there were also loads of jellyfish, not deadly ones though our snorkelling guide show is how to pick them up and it was really fun and slightly strange to poke and push them around.

Our second snorkel was 2 hours long and afterwards we were definitely ready to sit in the sun and enjoy the ride back to shore. The whole day was an unforgettable experience Harriet and I took so many photos sifting through them has been quite a job but each photo has a memory attached.

I would definitely recommend a trip to the Great Barrier Reef! I would also recommend the Deep Sea Divers Den company, we were well looked after, felt safe and the crew were all friendly and happy to help.

So now the Great Barrier Reef has been checked off my bucket list. I wounder what is next …?


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