Change in Plans

I am the sort of person who likes a plan. I like to know what I’m doing, I don’t have to be precise but I like to know what’s going on.  So the plan for Australia was for Harriet to complete her farm work before I came out; unfortunately Harriet only competed  2 thirds of her farm work.  The plan became that Harriet would find work while we travelled, however finding farm work for a short period for time is difficult as most employers like you to stay for the full amount of time.

So we made the decision to just travel and Harriet would complete her farm work afterwards.  It was a very difficult decision as we wanted to not have the farm work hanging over our travel plans but it definitely made it easier having a plan.  So the plans were formed for our east coast adventure 😃

To make things easier we stayed in Cairns for another couple of days and slowly we began to book our trips and map out our adventures.

Over the course of these extra days I learnt a lot about myself.  I didn’t like the plans changing I just wanted to have a plan and follow it.  I know that nothing goes to plan but I don’t like to accept it; this experience has made me think about how I handle situations.  I know that I won’t become better over night but I hope, in time, I can become more flexible in changing situations, because flexibility can lead to so many different adventures.

Nothing ever goes as you plan it but it always works out for the best.


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