Falling through the air

There has been one thing on my bucket list that I never thought I would have the chance or the nerve to do …


So when we were given the option to jump out of a plane over the ocean and land on the beautiful Mission Beach I took it like a shot.  The idea of it scared the hell out of me but it was something I would regret if I didn’t.

We did the sky dive with the Skydive Australia a great friendly company who’s track record is top noch, this began to put me at ease.

It was a very early start to the day. We were collected by Skydive Australia at 6:30am and taken to the Mission Beach office.  We filled out the paperwork and   Harriet and I both chose to buy additional photos and video package, it is a great way to document, look back and remember the experience.

Once the paperwork was out of the way we met our instructors.  My instructor Leon had done thousands of jumps before and had 8 jumps planned for that day alone! I was feeling less nervous now and more and more excited 😊

The briefing was brief and then it was onto the bus for a 20 minute drive to the airfield. Throughout the briefing and getting ready our instructors were filming our experience, they took so much footage I didn’t know how they were going to put it all into 1 video.

Once at the airfield we all loaded into the plane. I was the last one into the plane and it then dawned on me that I would be the first to jump! My heart was pounding as we made our way onto the run way and was beating so fast. Once in the air though the view was amazing and I soon forgot that I would soon be jumping out of the plane!!

Leon, my instructor, was continually filming and after about 15-20 minutes he asked if this was high enough, thinking that it was the drop height I said yes to which he then told me that we were only half way up!!  I couldn’t believe how high we were going!!

About another 20 minuets flying and you could see Mission Beach and our drop site.  The instructors began busying themselves with their final check and I had 1 last moment of “am I really going to do this”.  Then the door was up, the green light told us we were ready and then we were out of the plane and falling.

As we were freefalling I don’t think I really thought much except “I’m actually doing this!” And “we are actually falling quite slowly”.  I guarantee that I wasn’t falling slowly at all; the noise as we fell was incredibly loud!  We fell for what was about 45 seconds but it felt like so much longer.  Then with a jolt, Leon released the parachute and we came to a much quieter and gentler descent.

The view from the air was incredible!! You could see the beautiful sand of Mission Beach and the turquoise waters. Dunk Island could be seen in the distance.  While we slowly descended, the scilence was so peaceful and was only broken when Leon or I spoke.  The whole sight took my breath away.

As we continued to descend Leon began doing tight circles causing us to fall a lot quicker, then levelled out and continued to glide around.  Slowly but surly the ground became closer and closer and soon we were back down to earth.

Once back on land Harriet and I were buzzing! We couldn’t believe what we had done and how amazing it had felt doing it.  The whole group were all exhilarated and we chattered on the short walk back to the Skydive Australia office.  Once back we received a free breakfast of pancakes and maple syrup as we waited for our photos and video to be put together.

After breakfast we collected the video and photos and headed back to the hostel. It was great looking at the photos and video, laughing at the funny faces, believe me there were a few, and knowing  that we did do a skydive and here is the proof.

The whole experience was amazing and once I was back on the ground I just wanted to go back and do it again!!  A big thank you to Leon, my instructor for keeping me safe and to Skydive Australia, it was incredible and something I will never forget.


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