Magnetic Island, it draws you in 

It amazes me all the time how friendly people are when you travel. Harriet was sat at breakfast on our first morning in Magnetic Island, when a guy asked her if she wanted to share a car hire with 3 other people.  Naturally, the best way to keep costs down is to split the cost between a few people.  As the car hire worked so well in Port Douglas we jumped at the chance and within 15 minuets we were ready for a day of exploration.

We went to see Horseshoe Bay and swam in the sea, still can’t get over the temperature of the water in Queensland and also the lack of waves.  It was a beautiful way to cool down and refresh after sure a quick getaway first thing.  After a leisurely walk to the end of the bay and back we were back into the car for our next destination.

Stop number 2 was the Koala Village; the main reason for visiting was to see and hold a Koala.  However, there were also lots of other animals there including a turtle which we got to hold 🐢. We also had the opportunity to hold baby crocodile, kiss a bird, saw a parrot dance and talk. We were introduced to a blue tongued lizard, a “butt head” lizard (I can’t remember the proper name).  Oh and a snake 🐍 I got the chance to have it around my neck,  it was a very strange feeling and I was expecting the snake to have a hard skin however is was soft like skin. The other animal we had the chance to hold was of course the Koala, they are such cute animals and so chilled out.  We each got a chance to cuddle the Koala and have a picture with him too, something to always remember.

After the Koala cuddling and a spot of lunch we went on a crazy drive full of potholes to Radical Bay, a deserted picture perfect beach. We chilled and climbed the rock to admire the view. We also wrote our names in the sand. Taking a photo of our art work was funny; I ended up on a friends shoulders to take the photo, he then proceeded to run towards the sea with me still on his shoulders! Luckily he didn’t drop me.

A very bumpy ride back took us to a walk to an old world war fort. A beautiful sunny walk up a hill gave us spectacular views of the surrounding bays. We also saw a wild koala 🐨 He was a tiny little fella and a bit on the shy side but I did manage to get a photo.

We decided not to do the final push to the fort, we were hot, sweaty and we wanted to do two final things before the sun had set for the day. So we turned tail and walked back to the car and headed to the next stop, along the way we went via a local shop to get postcards and a little snack to the guys were visiting next.

At Gregory Point we met the cutest little guys, the wallabies. They were all hidden in and around the rocks at the point and you had to coax them out with the food we had bought from the shop. If you were really patient the wallabies would eat out of your hand!

After feeding the wallabies we decided to chase the sun and try to catch the sunset at West Point, on the other side of the island. As the sun dropped beyond the horizon we raced there as fast as we could; unfortunately it wasn’t fast enough and we missed it.

We ended this mammoth day with an evening of drinking games and a whole lot of fun!

After the long day of exploring and a night of drinking and fun, Harriet and I chose to do a day by the pool. It was a lovely day of sunbathing and chatting, when the sun got too hot we hopped in the pool to cool off. It was bliss!

In the evening the staff at the hostel lead a group of us up to Hawkings Point a lookout where you could see a beautiful sunset. The trek up was hard and we needed a drink when we got to the top; luckily the staff had brought goon up, so we sat and looked out over the nearby bay, drank a bit of goon, chatted and watched the sun set. The perfect end to a relaxing day.

Day 3

At the hostel we had the opportunity to use their snorkelling equipment and go to see the coral and fish around Magnetic Island. As we didn’t have any transport we chose to snorkel off the beach that the hostel was on. Unfortunately you could not see the coral as it was covered in seaweed. After about half an hour we came back to shore and decided that we would spend the rest of the day chilling by the pool.

Our final evening was spent dancing the night away at the hostel bar, it was ladies night where the girls got cheap drinks all night and if the guys wanted cheap drink all they had to do was wear a dress for the evening. The guys got really into it and there were some great outfits. We played games, danced, drank and the guys who dressed up did a catwalk. A great way to end a great couple of days.

If you ever go to Magnetic Island I would definitely recommend BASE. The staff were really friendly and helpful,the hostel was clean and well kept, the location was brilliant and the entertainment and fun was on point!


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