Airlie Beach

We arrived in Airlie Beach, from Magnetic Island, late in the evening so it was a case of checking in, have some dinner and going to bed.

The next day we set out to explore. We found a lovely Saturday morning market with loads to see from fruit to clothes and jewellery to massages. It was lovely to wonder round and see what was on offer; my faveourite stalls were a local honey stall 🍯 the owner brought real bees along and showed us the queen, as well as letting us taste the honey which was so good! I also loved a hair feather stall, they had made braids of different lengths, colours and designs; once you had chosen the one you liked they clipped it into you hair where it would stay for up to 3 weeks. I would have loved one and should have got one, maybe next time.

After wandering around the markets we stopped off at Peter Pans to book the rest of our trip down the coast and to enquire about a cheeky little extra trip both Harriet and I would love to do.

We then had a relaxing evening catching up on booking a few things, blogs and photos and made an amazing bean curry with wraps – 😋

We chilled most of Sunday, after a lazy morning at the hostel and we spent the afternoon at the local lagoon, a open air swimming pool. It’s surrounded by palm trees, picnic benches and public BBQs; you also have a beautiful view overlooking the bay. It was lovely to sit and soak up the sun and when it got too hot cool off with a dip in the water.

That evening we took a 30 minute walk to Mass.  It was a quaint little church that shares its place of worship with 4 other denominations of religion, when we were looked up the church their website said the church was built “in partnership with the local Lutherans! Our church is also available to the Anglican Church and the Uniting Church who hold services here every Sunday”.  I think that it is beautiful to see that although we are different denominations, believe different things, speak different languages or look different we all need to be united in making this world a lovely and amazing place to be! This united place of worship is a small part of that.

Monday, we again had a very chilled day. We began by checking into our Whitsundays tour before going to buy goon to enjoy while on aboard. We then had to pack, minimalistic, and chilled out for the afternoon, saving our energy for the fun to come out on the sea; we would have spent the day at the lagoon again but unfortunately it was raining so we did our errands and then stayed at the hostel.

By the time evening came we were ready and very excited for our Whitsundays trip and all it had to offer.


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