Australia day

One of the things I have heard so much about when planning to come to Australia is Australia Day. The day is such a big celebration in the Australian calendar and I was excited to celebrate with them!

Our Australia Day began with our final day of our Whitsundays tour. It was lovely to wake up, go for a snorkel and relax on the boat before heading back to shore to celebrate with everyone else.

Once back on dry land, we headed back to the hostel to clean up and get ready for the Whitsundays afterparty and the Australia Day fun.

We met up with a couple of friends from the boat and tattooed our faces with mini Australian flags Harriet had brought. We were all set and ready to celebrate!

One of the crew from our Whitsundays trip invited us round for drinks and food before meeting up with the rest of the boat. His flat mate some amazing sushi followed by a simple BBQ. The view from the crew members roof terrace was overlooking the marina and it was beautiful. After a box of goon and some good food, we went to find the rest of our boat and continue the celebrations!

We met up with the rest of the boat at a local bar where the Whitsundays tour company had reserved us a table. It was such a good night, so much laughter and many memories.

After a few hours we headed for a club, had a few shots on Wings and then hit the dance floor! We danced until 3:30am and had a blast celebrating Australia Day! It was a great day to end our Whitsundays trip too, the people that we met and got to know over those few days made the trip even more memorable than it already was. 


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