Going off Road 

Frasier Island was a place that I didn’t know much about but everyone raved about it. So we thought we would go and see what it was all about. We booked a 4 wheel drive tag a-long trip with Dingos, based in Rainbow Beach.

We had to attend a briefing the night before our trip. The briefing covered everything to what Frasier Island was known for, the places we were going to visit and the rules, tips and safety of driving on the island.

On our trip there were 4 cars, each car had 8 people in it. A couple of Canadian guys we had met on our Whitsundays trip were also part of the Frasier Island trip; so we asked that we were in the same car. We were also joined by 2 English couples and that was our team for the next few days.

That evening we packed a small bag and got an early night ready for the adventure.

The next day we were up early and those who were driving were given another mini briefing on tips when driving.

All packed, ready to go and a 10 minute ferry ride; we arrived on Frasier Island.

Straight off our ferry the lead car (the car we were in) got bogged down in the soft sand and was stuck. After a little bit of to-ing and-fro-ing, we were free and off on our Frasier Island Experience.

The ride was so much fun. Being in the lead car, a little disappointing as only our guide, Joel, could drive but you did get to see Frasier Island without the worries of who was driving, which was nice. Our first stop was Eurong for lunch. Dingos had prepared eskies (cool boxes for those who don’t speak Australian) for each meal. Inside was a bag with the team numbers on and as a group, you prepared your own meals as a team. It was a simple lunch of wraps but it filled you up and fueled you for an afternoon of driving. 

Back in the cars we drove down a 12km track, which was made longer due to the speed we traveled at to avoid the tree stumps and manage the soft sand, to Lake Mackenzie.

Oh my gosh! Lake Mackenzie was unbelievably beautiful! Leaving the cars you walked a short way through the trees and were met with the sight that takes your breath away! White sand and a two toned fresh water lake. The first few metres were a beautiful turquoise colour and was quite shallow, where the water changed colour, to a rich dark blue, the ground disappeared in a steep slope.
The water was unbelievably refreshing and it was nice not to have a mouthful of salt water everytime you duck under the water. We spent a few hours in the beautiful water and when it was time to go we didn’t want to leave but we picked up our things and headed back to the cars.

This time we had our own car and it was great to roll down the windows, plug in a playlist and drive. We had a very bumpy ride back to the beach and were being constantly thrown about but once on the beach Joel gave the shout to change drivers and it was my turn in the drivers seat.

It took me a couple of 100 meters to get back into the swing of driving and it was strange driving in the sand but I was loving it! After about 30 minutes of driving we swapped over again and it was Harriet’s turn in the drivers seat. We continued along the beach and finally pulled into our campsite.

The campsite was simple, we were staying in 4 man tents in 2 rows of 4, with an additional canvas over the top to create a covered walkway. Although each tent could sleep 4 people there were enough tents for 2 people per tent, so Harriet and I shared a tent and had plenty of room.

The communal area had several gas hobs, sinks and a large seating area; as well as a BBQ and a fire pit.  As soon as we had picked out our tents, our team hit the kitchen and together we made a delicious chicken stir fry.  Our team were one of the first teams to begin cooking which was a good thing because as the other teams began cooking the kitchen area became very busy, lucky we had finished cooking and were eating by then. We spent the evening relaxing, chatting and getting to know the rest of the group; we toasted marshmallows, played drinking games and then went onto the beach to star gaze.  The stars were amazing, there were hundreds upon, thousands of stars, I didn’t know any of the constellations but they were magnificent!

The next morning, the tent became very hot and so we were up and dressed early. After a leisurely breakfast, we jumped in the cars and began the drive to our first stop of the day, Indian Head, a hill top that gave you a spectacular view of the beaches either side of it, we also saw a couple of sting rays and a small Reef shark.

After the hill top, we went to the Champagne Pools; a great pool surrounded by rocks, as the waves crashed into the rocks they splashed over the rocks and into the pool.  It was lovely to sit and relax in the pool, watching the waves crashing over the rocks.  After a few hours at the pools we headed back to the cars and onto our next stop for lunch; a cute campsite a little way inland surrounded by woodland.

Our afternoon consisted of floating down a beautiful natural fresh water creek.  Eli Creek was a beautiful spot where you could float lazily down the creek, we didn’t stay very long, maybe only an hour, but I found it a really relaxing and calm place.

On our way back to camp we stopped off at the Maheno Wreck, it was very special watching the sunset behind the wreck. We took some great pictures including a group photo which was a great momento.

Back at camp, we prepared a dinner of honey mustard potatos, veg and steak, I am not normally a fan of steak but combined with the veg and potatoes it was lovely.  We had another social evening of games and laughter it was so much fun!

Our final day we were up early again and after another chilled morning and packing up. Before we left Frasier Island we made one last stop on our tour, Lake Wabby. To get there we had to walk through a wooded area, it was such a hard hike; the final stretch was up a sand dune, by the time we reached the top my legs were burning really badly.  The lake was enclosed by the dune and a forest edge, in the lake were little fish that would nibble at you skin. At first it felt strange but after a while I got used to it, not everyone liked it though they felt it hurt a little.

After, chilling out in the water we then took the long hike back to the cars.  On the way back the sand was so hot you struggled to walk without burning your feet! Once we had made it back to the cars we headed back to Eurong for our final picnic spot.  As we headed back towards the mainland, we pulled up to wait for the ferry and took our last chance to jump in the water and take a few snaps.

Once back on the main land and back at Dingos hostel, we checked in and jumped straight into the shower to cool off and rid ourselves of all the sand, believe me it gets everywhere!

That evening some of our group met up in the Dingos bar for drinks, also our tour leader was playing some of his covers.  He was really good, and it was a great way to finish the trip! Dingos was a great company, their set up and running of the Frasier tour was efficient and fun. A great way to see Frasier Island.


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