5km along the coast

Noosa; a very cute town on the east coast and the next stop on our adventure.  When we arrived I instantly fell in love with the place, everything was very seaside-ish, with cute tea shops, restaurants and cafes dotted all over the place. I wish we had more time to spend explore and window shopping. As we were only in Noosa for two nights we wanted to make the most of our time.  

We had heard of a coastal walk from the Main Beach in Noosa Head through the National Park to Sunshine Bay. It was a 5km walk, we didn’t think it would be too hard however, our walk turned into about 12km due to where our hostel was and where the walk began and ended.

We got a lift to the Main Beach at Noosa Head from a shuttle bus that the hostel ran.  From there it was a short board walk to the National Park and into our coastal walk.  The trail took us past about 7 different bays, each one was a glimp of beauty.  We set out late afternoon as the sun was setting making the walk a lot cooler; it was also beautiful to arrive at Sunshine Bay as the sun dropped below the horizon.

Once we reached Sunshine Bay we began to walk back to the town, this was another 5km, we stopped at the supermarket to pick up a few things and rest a while, we were tired from our walk.  We continued the walk back to the hostel but we got another couple of kilometres before we became too tired and so we jumped in a taxi for the last part of our walk home.

It was a beautiful walk and I am so glad that we did it, but I would have loved more time to explore the town and the area. Noosa is definitely a place I would love to come back to.


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