From a gentle cruise at the beginning of the Noosa River and a charging sprint brought us to the Everglades. Along the way we’re were given a great insight to the river and the surrounding area.

After about an hour of crusing we reached our morning tea spot. There was a lovely and welcoming aray of tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.

We were split into 2 groups, group 1 canoed up to the place we were having lunch and group 2 canoed back. Harriet and I we in group 1, we were in a canoe of 3 people and were joined by a lovely Irish lady. We had such a giggle in the canoe.

So with tea and biscuits finished, we got canoeing 🛶 it was a lot of fun and a beautiful way to see the Everglades, however we could not stay in straight line. We were zig zagging all over the place and bumping into the river bank and over head branches. The river was very picturesque and I wanted to take so many pictures but because of the ore in my hand I only managed to take a couple photos.

We canoed up to Harry’s Hut where we had a lovely barbecue of steak, fish, potato salad and mixed left salad 🥗 a welcoming sight after paddling for an hour.

While eating we saw a very large lizard (I don’t know the name of) at first it was under a picnic bench but it then went to a nearby tree.

After lunch we took a lazy cruise back down the river to meet the group that were canoeing. Picking up the other group we then headed back to Noosa, taking it easy and admiring the scenery.


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