After our amazing day at Australia Zoo, we jumped on the Greyhound bus to Brisbane arriving about 6pm.  After a short walk to the hostel, we were checked in and made dinner.  After dinner we did all our washing from the last few trips, we hadn’t had time to wash any of our clothes, it was lovely to have clean clothes after 2 weeks of constant travelling.

The next day we were up and out the hostel, ready to explore Brisbane.  We wandered down to the river bank and crossed the bridge to South Bank. From there we took a leisurely walk along the river bank to Kangaroo Point.  As we walked we passed a really colourful Brisbane sign, it was against the Brisbane skyline which made for a really nice photo.

A little further on, we came to the lagoon it was a beautiful spot and clearly a favourite for the locals as it was very busy which created a family friendly and relaxed atmosphere. There were lots of places to sit around and relax, something that caught my eye was a beautiful flower covered walkway.  It covered the length of the path that ran along the back of the lagoon it was really pretty.

At the end of this floral tunnel we came across a small market, we had a wander and realised that they were all handmade crafts, some of them were exquisite and totally up our street.  My favourite was the foiled prints stall, the quotes, saying and images were all to cleverly designed and printed, Harriet and I could have brought several but unfortunately space in our suitcases is becoming limited.

Continuing our walk along the river and loved seeing the contrast of the skyscrapers of the city on one side of the river and green of the parks.  We finally reached Kangaroo Point and the view was great, the bridge was definitely incredible.  We then got the City Hopper Ferry back to North Quay, the City Hopper Ferry was a free ferry that ran up and down the river stopping at the main terminals.

Once back closer to the city, we headed on up to Queens Street well known for its shopping, on the way we found a square with loads of people sitting around with suitcases and clothes everywhere, going to investigate we discovered that it was a mini market where locals could sell their old clothes.  We wandered round and found some gorgeous things, I ended up buying a pair of Billabong striped shorts for only $3! BARGIN!! After perusing the clothes market we made it to Queens Street, it was lovely to window shop and enjoy the buzz of the city.

We returned to our hostel exhausted but happy with our day in Brisbane we enjoyed the walk we took and it gave us a great view of the city.


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