Surfers Paradise 

Surfers Paridise, where the skyscrapers meet the sea and the next stop on our East Coast adventure.  When we reached our hostel we couldn’t check in for a few hours so we relaxed in the communal area and got on with a few ‘admin jobs’.  When it came to checking in, we were given a nice surprise of a free upgrade! So instead of staying in an 8 bed dorm to a 4 person apartment complete with its own kitchen and balcony.  Even better, when we were shown the apartment we were the only ones staying there.  What a luxury!!

Once we were settled in the apartment, we made our way down to the beach.  It was a beautiful stretch of sand with skyscrapers towering over it.  As, we got there at about 3 o’clock it was amazingly hot and the water was so cool and refreshing. As the afternoon came to a close and the sun began to set, tall shadows from the skyscrapers covered the beach creating some much welcomed shade. Even in the shade however, we were warm and relaxed on the beach until about 6 o’clock; stopping off at the supermarket we picked up a few bits for a delicious meal back at the apartment.

It was lovely to cook in a fully equipped kitchen and sit at a dinning table for dinner, we felt truly spoilt and it made me think of all the things I take for granted, not just the basics of food, bed and a roof over your head but your own space and privacy.

After dinner we went out for cocktails, we expected to find Surfer Paradise to be busy, with the clubs and bars full of people drinking and having a good time.  We were surprised to find that it was not like that at all; we ended up in a very cute bar looking out onto the Main Street and watching the world go by.

The next day we had a chilled morning before checking out of the apartment and moving on to our next stop.  Surfers Paradise was a beautiful spot and the beach was amazing. I was expecting more of a livelier atmosphere however the city had a great vibe to it.


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