So, as we waved goodbye to Safe Landing Resort, we began to get excited for our next island and what it had in store for us. The journey there was a little rough but definitely not as rough as our first journey from the mainland to Safe Landing! Unfortunately, just as we were about to transfer to the smaller motor boat, the heavens opened! We had no choice but to get in the little boat, and get to land and under cover as quickly as we could. As we got into the motor boat, the downpour got heavier and as the boat raced to the resort it was safe to say we looked like drowned rats!

Arriving just before afternoon tea, we quickly checked in, dried off and headed to the open dining area for a cup of something warm.  Whilst there we met someone we had met on the mainland along with some others.  Within half an hour we were laughing and chatting like long lost friends. We spent the rest of the day chatting, blogging and relaxing before dinner. The after-dinner entertainment was a fire dance performed by some of the staff. It was crazy watching them spin the fire and run the flames along their arms and legs! We were invited to join in with games and dancing. Such a great fun first night and a real contrast to the peace and quite of Safe Landing.

The next day the sun was shining and we were ready to soak it up! After a leisurely breakfast we hit the sun loungers with our new friends. When the sun became too hot, a quick dip in the sea was the perfect solution to cool off.  In order to avoid walking on the coral on the sea bed, a pathway had been created to walk along. Once over the corralled area, the path ended and we were swimming.  Amazingly, despite being a long distance from the shore, at the end of the path the water was still not too deep and it was lovely to swim in the clear water, cool off and then head back to our sun loungers to dry off and soak up more sunshine.

At about mid morning, the staff announced that they were going to feed the fish! Curious I went along and was surprised to find them throwing in the leftovers from breakfast into the sea.  The fish were going crazy; splashing around and racing for the food.  It was cool to watch.  Prior to lunch we had a coconut demonstration and rather that just letting us taste the coconut and explaining the different parts of the coconut, we were shown how the coconuts are opened, ‘peeled’ and then how it is used.  Before we knew it, one of the members of staff had shimmied up a coconut tree and was throwing down coconuts. They then expertly began to peel the outer layer off.  I had a go at this and it was surprisingly hard. The outer layer was quite course and is used by the locals as sponges for cleaning.  We were then shown how to open the coconut, and demonstrated many different ways to open them including cracking the coconut in half. Amazingly, one guy cracked one open with his hand in a karate chop move!

The coconut water was unbelievably sweet and much nicer than what you get in the shops.  Whilst sipping on the coconut, we saw how the inside of the coconut was removed.  It was “grated” out, or at least that is the best way of describing it!  It was very interesting to see.  Once the coconut was grated the guys squeezed the coconut and out poured coconut milk,  From the grated coconut, a traditional Fijian toffee is made; coconut fried with sugar, cocoa and a few other ingredients. Unbelievably good but you couldn’t eat too much as it was so sweet!

After devouring the coconut we returned to our sun loungers before showering away the heat of the day and going for dinner and another evening of fun.  Staff taught us the Bula dance, which is a dance performed all over Fiji.  We also played many more games, enjoyed playing cards and chatting.

I think the supply boat must have been delayed getting to the island as lunch and dinner was mainly pasta, bread and potatoes and everyone missed the fruit platters.  It was not the greatest day for food but I didn’t mind.  I felt that although it was also nice to enjoy good food, for me what made it was the great activities and experiences.

On our final day we once again had a relaxed time with our new friends and sun bathed.  We also had another go at basket weaving.  It was interesting to see the same style of baskets as we made at Safe Landing Resort, were also made here at Korovou, but made using a different technique.   Filling the baskets with flowers 🌺 we left them hanging in the dining area. They looked so pretty!

We didn’t want to leave the resort without finally tasting some more of the delicious coconut, so one of the staff members shimmied up a tree and brought down some coconuts for us to have.  It was a perfect way to cool off and finish a lovely few days at Korovou. Eating so much coconut we didn’t need lunch; it was so delicious and fresh!!!

Before we knew it we were saying goodbye to the friends we had met as they were due to head north as we were heading south. However upon checking the dates we were at each island we were excited to realised that we would be meeting up again. We had a couple of hours before our boat to our next island so once again we pick a spot and relaxed, wrote some more and enjoyed the view.




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